Handcrafted Ice Cream in Chattanooga, Tennessee Since 1999


Classic Flavors

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  • Butter Pecan Ice Cream

    Butter Pecan

    A true southern classic. A buttery ice cream swirled with delicious roasted Georgia Pecans.

  • Chocolate Ice Cream


    Dark cocoa, sugar and vanilla combine to create an exquisite chocolate ice cream. No frills, just delicious.

  • Chocolate Chocolate Chunk ice cream

    Chocolate Chocolate Chunk

    We include double the cocoa as our classic chocolate ice cream, and then add dark chocolate chunks to the batch halfway through.

  • Coconut Almond Chunk ice cream

    Coconut Almond Chunk

    A coconut ice cream with shredded coconut and vanilla, combined with dark chocolate chunks and delicious buttered salted almonds

  • Coffee ice cream


    The best cup of coffee you’ll ever have. We start with an extra dark cold brew of Chattanooga Coffee Co.’s French Roast.

  • Coffee Toffee ice cream

    Coffee Toffee

    Our same classic coffee ice cream swirled with delicious chocolate covered Heath topping.

  • Cookies and Cream ice cream

    Cookies and Cream

    Milk and Cookies. Vanilla ice cream combined with pounds of Oreos. Classic and delicious.

  • Cookie Dough ice cream

    Cookie Dough

    A vanilla ice cream swirled with Italian Straciatella chocolate and large chunks of the best chocolate chip cookie dough around.

  • Espresso Chocolate Chunk ice cream

    Espresso Chocolate Chunk

    A more hopped up coffee flavor chocked full of dark chocolate chunks.

  • Firecracker ice cream


    Tutti Frutti ice cream scooped with fresh Pop-Rocks to ensure maximum crackling.

  • French Silk ice cream

    French Silk

    A rich and creamy milk chocolate ice cream, with half the cocoa of our chocolate ice cream and extra fine chocolate flakes.

  • Mint Chocolate Chunk ice cream

    Mint Chocolate Chunk

    A refreshing mint ice cream swirled with Italian Straciatella chocolate and full of dark chocolate chunks.

  • Pralines and cream ice cream

    Pralines and Cream

    Another Southern favorite. Our ice cream swirled with praline pecans and caramel.

  • Raspberry sorbet

    Raspberry Sorbet

    Bright red raspberries and lemon juice, combined with pure cane sugar make this a delicious and slightly tangy sorbet.

  • Strawberry ice cream


    We start the batch off with a puree of strawberries. Halfway through we add 5 more pounds of marinated delicious strawberries.

  • Strawberry sorbet

    Strawberry Sorbet

    Lush strawberries blended with pure cane sugar and frozen into a smooth and delicious strawberry sorbet.

  • Sweet Cream ice cream

    Sweet Cream

    Our cleanest, most simple flavor, nothing added other than milk, sugar, and cream.

  • Vanilla Bean ice cream

    Vanilla Bean

    A custard style ice cream with egg yolks, vanilla extract, and vanilla bean specks.

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Featured Flavors

In addition to our classic flavors, Clumpies also offers rotating featured favorites throughout the year. These flavors change with the seasons, so follow us on Twitter/Instagram to stay up to date.

Pricing Details

We price all of our ice cream based on weight at 60¢ per ounce. This allows for our guests to enjoy as much or as little as they’d like. Typically, one scoop averages around $2.50


Clumpies Reviews

Our Customers have rated Clumpies 4.6/5 based on 364 customer reviews
Clumpies Ice Cream

"Stopped in after walking across the Walnut Street Bridge. They have a large selection of flavors of ice cream so they are sure to have one you will love. They offer samples. They make a great cup of coffee if you are looking for a warmer treat. Staff were friendly and patient. Souvenirs are available. It was a nice treat before walking back to our hotel on Chestnut." -



Mayan Chocolate

"HOMEMADE ICE CREAM! I recommend the Mayan Chocolate. They don't have it all the time, but at least give it a try if they do." -



Hot Chocolate and Ice Cream

"Clumpies is a good local ice cream shop with friendly service and an ever changing variety of flavors. Get a free taste of something weird. On summer nights the lines get long, but it moves quickly without feeling rushed. Off-season, stop in and get a hot chocolate...with your ice cream." -



Best Ice Cream in Chattanooga

"The best Ice Cream in Chattanooga. Friendly staff and quick service. I try to visit every time I am in Chattanooga." -



Rosemary Cranberry

"Wow.. in town for 5 days and came here 3 times!! Yummy yummy.. and a great friendly staff. The Rosemary Cranberry was delish. Christmas crack.. it was. And my kiddo had the firecracker with pop rocks a three times." -



Crafted with Care

Our Process

Each batch of Clumpies ice cream is made by hand with only the finest ingredients that can be found. We hand craft our ice cream in small batches, ten gallons or less at a time. That micro-batch process allows us to care for and consider each scoop of ice cream that we serve. The result is a rich, creamy, delicious ice cream crafted with care. It may take longer, but we think it makes our ice cream that much better.



Clumpies Ice Cream Co. has been handcrafting the best ice cream in Chattanooga since 1999. Opened by the son of a third generation candy maker, Clumpies has sought to create a product as amazing and one-of-a kind as the city where it started. The business changed hands in 2013, but our mission is still the same:

give every person that walks through our doors the best ice cream we can and an even better experience.

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We are proud to have our ice cream served at some of the finest restaurants in and around the Chattanooga area. If your business is interested in scooping the best ice cream around, please let us know!



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We are proud to have our ice cream served at some of the finest restaurants in and around the Chattanooga area. If your business is interested in scooping the best ice cream around, please let us know!

Clumpies would love to be at your next event! Provide some information below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with information and availability.

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